LEGAL BASES OF PARTICIPATION “CARMY DRAW 2023-2024 COLLECTION” Children of Evaristo González, S.L. (hereinafter, CARMY) with address at Camino Salabosque, 13 – 30152 Aljucer (Murcia-Spain), CIF B73717076, has decided to launch a promotional action (hereinafter, the promotion), in which the prizes that will be awarded will be drawn. will be indicated in these participation bases.
The promotion will take place at and the rules can be accessed in the corresponding link.< /div>
The promotion will be valid from September 1, 2023 until 11:59 p.m. on July 15, 2024.
Free promotion aimed at those over 18 years of age, who purchase a dress from the 2023-2024 Collection at any of CARMY’s national or international points of sale and who meet the conditions of participation that will be detailed in the fourth clause.
  • The prizes for this promotion will each consist of ONE (1) iPhone® 14 smartphone. There will be a total of two (2) winners.
  • The prize is as stated and does not include other concepts, except those expressly provided.
  • The winners will be chosen by lottery before a notary.
Participation will be subject to the following conditions.
  • All people who, during the validity dates of the promotion, purchase one (1) communion dress from CARMY’s 2023 and 2024 collection will be entered into the draw for one of the prizes described, once they formalize their participation.
  • Participants must enter and register, completing the form. They can register from the same day, September 1, 2023 or later, and until 11:59 p.m. on July 15, 2024.
  • It will be an essential requirement to complete the registration form with all the data requested and enter the code that identifies the purchased item, a code that is unique and non-transferable. Registration must be carried out completely and truthfully, otherwise participation will be cancelled, losing the right to the prize if any has been obtained. It is prohibited to enter data from third parties or minors. Considering that communication with the winners will be carried out by email, it will be essential that a valid email be entered, otherwise, they will be immediately moved to the list of substitutes.
  • Participants must accept the legal bases of participation.
  • ONE (1) entry will be accepted per dress/code. If more than one dress has been purchased that qualifies you to participate in the promotion, a registration form must be completed again with the new code.
  • Each participant can only win ONE (1) prize.
The draw will be held before a notary on July 17, 2024. The notary will draw TWO (2) winners. In the same way, FOUR (4) substitutes will be drawn to replace the winner in order of extraction, in the event that for any reason he cannot enjoy the prize (for example, because his email is wrong or invalid, due to lack of acceptance of the prize, and in general, for not meeting the participation requirements). In the event that the number of participants in reserve is insufficient, the prize may be declared void and disposed of as CARMY deems appropriate.
  • The winners will be contacted by email, according to their registration data. From the notification of their status as winner, the winner will have a period of 5 calendar days from the date the email was sent to respond to said notification, accepting the prize. If no response is obtained from the winner within the stipulated period, the winner will be immediately placed on the list of substitutes, and the winner will lose the right to the prize.
  • The prize will be sent directly to the store where the purchase was made, within a maximum period of 20 business days from when the results are confirmed. The store will formally deliver it to the winning person, who must pick it up on the date indicated.
  • The winner must identify himself by means of DNI, NIE or another valid identity document, if CARMY requires it. If identity verification has been required and the winner has not done so, he or she will lose the right to the prize and will be placed on the list of substitutes.
  • In no case may the prize be exchanged for its cash equivalent.
  • The prize is non-transferable.
The Personal Income Tax Law and other provisions that develop or complement it will apply, so it will be up to the Organizer to make the payment on account. By accepting the prize, the winning participant authorizes the Organizer to make, on behalf of the winner, the corresponding deposit. The deposit will not be passed on to the winner, and will be assumed by the Organization. Likewise, the corresponding certificate will be sent to the winner, in accordance with the regulations set forth.
  • For reasons of transparency, once the draw has been carried out and the name of the winners has been confirmed, they will be published on the contest website, along with the details of the point of sale where the dress was sold.
  • CARMY reserves the right to exclude from participation users who do not meet the participation requirements.
  • CARMY reserves the right to exclude participation or leave a prize void in the event that there are presumptions of fraud on the part of any of the contestants.
  • CARMY may make modifications to the mechanics in order to improve it or avoid fraudulent behavior. You may also make other types of modifications as long as they are justified and do not harm the participants.
  • In the event that the action could not be carried out properly due to detected fraud, technical errors or any other reason that is not under the control of CARMY, the right is reserved to cancel, modify or suspend it, without the participants being able to demand liability. some.
  • CARMY is exonerated from all responsibility in the event of malfunction of the electronic communication networks that prevent the normal development of the promotion for reasons beyond the control of the company and especially due to external acts of bad faith. Nor will it be responsible for problems of transmission or loss of data not attributable to its responsibility.
  • This promotion will be regulated by current Spanish law. By participating, users accept the terms and conditions established in these bases.
  • All conflicts that may arise will be submitted to the decision of the corresponding courts according to the law.
The legal bases will be deposited in a timely manner before the Notary of the Illustrious College of Notaries of Madrid, Mr. Francisco Calderón Álvarez, with professional address at Calle de Núñez de Balboa, 31, 28001 Madrid, who will also hold the draw. of this promotion.