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Carmy de Luxe
Little Paula

Carmy Group

Communion and ceremonial dresses for girls.

The Carmy Group started off in the world of children’s fashion in 1975 focusing specifically on First Communion and Ceremonial outfits for girls. Its business philosophy is based on honesty, providing its customers with unbeatable quality standards that are included in the design, production and the materials used in all its collections, which have surpassed the most demanding requirements of the brand.

Our product philosophy has two very different lines; first all the fantasy imaginable, with very cheerful outfits, full of colour, made in a diversity of fabrics and exquisite trim; then there are more classic models made of silk, organza and cotton lace, along with special synthetic fabrics for many different types of pleats and tucks.

The perfect complement for her most special day:

A doll to match her dress

Carmy de Luxe &

Little Paula

Quality and superior designS

The Carmy Luxe and Little Paula lines are top quality designs. Luxury finishes for their very special day.


Impeccably made - 1st class materials

made in spain

All our products are made in Spain


Unique and original collections

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