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Our website uses its own cookies and those of third parties.

Definition and function of the cookies What are cookies? A cookie is a file that is downloaded in your computer when you visit certain websites. Among other things, the cookies allow a website to store and recover information about a user’s browsing habits or about their equipment and depending on the information that they contain and how the user’s equipment is used, the cookies can help recognise the user. Purposes of our website cookies Techniques and personalization. We use cookies that maintain the user’s status through the different website requests. Analysis or statistics. Of third parties. We use third party services such as Google Analytics.Social networking sites. To show content about our accounts and to share in social media.  Consent Users that give their consent to the use of the cookies, in order to carry on browsing, specifically and clearly authorise the use of this information for the stated purpose.  Disabling or deleting the cookies The cookies can be disabled, although this means that certain parts of our website cannot be accessed and it might make the browsing less efficient. Users can limit, block or delete the cookies of this website by changing the configuration of the browser installed in their computer. What happens if the Cookies are disabled? Some of the functions of the Services and areas of this website might not work properly if the cookies are disabled. Who uses the information stored in the cookies? La información almacenada en las cookies de nuestro sitio web es usada exclusivamente por nosotros, a excepción de la de Google Analytic, que es usada y gestionada por Google y por nosotros con fines estadísticos, así como otras redes sociales como Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, … Own cookies
Cookie Information Purpose Opt-Out
euCookie Info about accepting cookies. Keep the acceptance of the cookies for 3 months.
mailchimp_landing_site Inactive cookie Know if mailchimp has been visited in our website
PHPSESSID Información de sesión. Mantener información sobre la duración e inicio de la sesión en nuestra página web.
store_notice Information about the visit to the store. Keep information about the visit to the store.
wordpress_logged_in Information about login. Information about the user’s visit to our website.
wordpress_sec Security. Information about the security when visiting the website.
Third party cookies
Cookie Purpose Domain Expiry
__utma Obtain data on the number of times a user visits the website. Persistent
__utmb Record the time when the user accesses the website. It is used to calculate the amount of time a user browses around the website. Persistent
__utmc Records the session status. Persistent
__utmz Records the origin of the user. Persistent
 Twitter This website uses the”Tweet of Twitter button”, to make it easier to share its content in the Twitter networking service. You can obtain more information about how the Twitter cookies are used here: Session
 Facebook This website uses the”Facebook I like button”, to make it easier to share its content in the Facebook networking service. You can obtain more information about how the Facebook cookies are used here: Session
  Updates and changes to the Cookies Policy Changes can be made to the Cookies Policy of this Website according to the legal requirements or to adapt it if new cookies are incorporated. Users shall be duly informed about any changes made in the website.