About Us

CARMY Atelier started off in the world of children’s fashion in 1975 focusing specifically on First Communion and Ceremonial outfits for girls. Its business philosophy is based on honesty, providing its customers with unquestionable quality standards that are included in the design, production and the materials used in all its collections, which have surpassed the most demanding requirements of the brand. For more than 40 years, both the design and all of our production have been done nationwide, not outsourcing anything to third countries, which is why it highlights the quality of our garments (and the commitment of this company to create jobs).


Our product philosophy has two very different lines; first a line of romantic/fantasy dresses, with very cheerful outfits, full of colour, made in a diversity of fabrics, lace and embroidery, then there is, our leading line in the market of classic dresses, with its silks, organdies and cotton lace , as well as synthetic fabrics of the highest quality, special for tucks and purses of many different types.


CARMY Atelier also establishes synergies with big names in fashion, such as Rosa Clarà, for which it develops its First Communion line.

The WorkShop

At present, the dedication and professionalism of the nearly 100 people who day by day try to achieve the satisfaction of our end customers at CARMY Atelier, make us the leading company in the sector in Spain.